On Point: The Liquid Eyeliner You Need

Eyeliner is my daily make-up must-have. It instantly improves any look. I love it.

I must admit, however, it wasn’t an instant love relationship. I think back to the years of clumsily trying to apply my older sisters YSL liquid eyeliner (from a bottle) and cringe at the rather heavy handed techniques I favoured- think the super chic panda-esque look of two black eyes.

Applying liquid eyeliner doesn’t have to be a daunting, scary or overwhelming experience, because let me introduce to you Maybellines Master Precise Liner.


This little pen will be your new best friend. For only $14.95, you will be hooked on liquid eyeliner.  The pen shape means its easy to handle, and an always wet tip means a continuous flow is guaranteed. The Master Precise is exactly that- precise; the .05mm tip will ensure you always have a smooth thin line. One coat will last all day or night, and won’t bleed or smudge. It has super rich carbon pigments so you will have intense colour. It’s also smudge-and-water proof- this baby has it all.

Today, I take great pleasure in applying liquid eyeliner. The thin black line for day time and a bold, cat eye at night… this liquid eyeliner can change your look with a flick of the wrist.  Sure, it’s near impossible to have symmetrical lines, but that’s all part of the fun and, god, do you feel superior when they almost match.

For the best results, I recommend angling the pen on its side and piecing it in sections along the eyelid. This way you’ll always have full control and the ability to create a thin or thick effect where needed.


I wear the Master Precise Liquid Liner daily and I probably replace it every 2-3 months. For only $14.95,  you’ll find no better performing deal.

Available at all good beauty stores including Priceline ($14.95 or 3 for 2), Chemist Warehouse $12.69 and Coles ($16.39).



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-Bonnie Diaries xx



4 thoughts on “On Point: The Liquid Eyeliner You Need

  1. Ive been looking for a sleek liner — shall try! Ta. xx

  2. I actually spent a good 20 mins just today at CVS trying to decide on the right black eyeliner and left with 0…I did take a look at this one though glad to hear it works! Thanks for sharing this is super helpful!

    xx missaLAnnis

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