Pearls of Wisdom

The simple pearl accessory has recently had a major overhaul. No longer for matching only to your twin sets and brooches, the humble pearl has been reinvented and is now seen adorning the necks, fingers and ears of every fashionista.

The classic pearl can now add a pinch of glam to any basic outift, or a bit of style to even the grungiest ensemble. With pearl ear cuffs, necklaces, earrings and rings doing the rounds, the no-longer-old-fashioned pearl will add the final touch of cool to any outfit.

Check out my 10 in vogue pearl options and get ready to bask in their luminous glow:

1. Jolie & Deen KOJD 2 Band Pearl Ring  $29.95 // Shop this now


2. Claires Fashion Hub Etsy Double Ear Cuff $7.59 // Shop this now


3. Bauble Bar Pearl 360 Studs $28 // Shop this now


4. Jolie & Deen KOJD Fresh Water Pearl Ring $34.95 // Shop this now


5. ASOS Faux Pearl Chain Drop Ear Cuff $12 // Shop this now

6. ASOS Double Faux Pearl Ring $12 // Shop this now

7. Jolie & Deen KOJD Large Pearl Ring $29.95 // Shop this now


8. ASOS Faux Pearl Ear Cuff $12 // Shop this now
9. ASOS Double Finger Faux Pearl Ring $12 // Shop this now
10. ASOS Limited Edition Open Faux Pearl Choker Necklace $24 // Shop this now

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-Bonnie Diaries xx