Nails: Shellac staying power without the salon pricing

I wear nail polish everyday. I always have and I always will. I love it. There are, however, three aspects of nail life I can’t stand- the endless chipping, the cost of salon manicures and the time involved in creating the perfect smooth layer of lacquer. Here, I think I’ve found the answer to all my prayers with this one little beauty.

I give you Revlon ColourStay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Enamel. This is an at home DIY, 2-step process to beautiful, vivid, shiny, long lasting nail polish.


Step 1: Apply your chosen colour. Base and colour are in the same bottle, saving you time and effort. Added brighteners in the formulation result in a super smooth and glossy look. Apply 2 coats for best results.


Step 2: Add strength and shine with the Diamond Top Coat, to ensure a super shiny finish and that your colour will last.


Their unique gel formulation requires no UV light, meaning you will spend less time messing about Β (and expense in buying a UV light) creating your perfect nail.

At $16.95 per bottle I’ve already acquired quite a few of the 30 delicious colours. My favourite so far is a dark blue-grey by the name of “Ace of Spades” (shown below), but other stand outs include Black Jack (black), Queen of Hearts (deep red), Beginner’s Luck (cream) and Double Down (coffee cream).

With these results, and at such a great price, Colourstay Gel Envy is my affordable nail saviour.

Pick it up at Priceline now on a special “Buy 2 get one free”- that’s 3 long lasting nail polishes for $50- not even one shellac session at the salon- get to it! Shop this now.