Are you normcore?

normcore 1

What is Normcore I hear you ask? Normcore is a fashion trend where the focus is to dull your dressing. Hipsters originally started this trend to appear “uncool” but the trend has filtered its way to mainstream. The look is defined by oversized tees, nondescript jeans, large plain jumpers, Birkenstocks, caps, boxy shapes and sneakers. Pretty much 90’s grunge in simple plain colours.

I love beautiful, exuberant, statement fashion pieces as much as the next fashion addict, but day-to-day I accidentally fall into the Normcore bracket of fashion. I’ll regularly be seen in a basic white tee, black jeans and massive, figure-hiding jumpers. I’m also quite happy for the tops of my socks to seen regardless of the shoe type or skirt/pant length- a faux pas I wouldn’t have dared a couple of years ago.

Am I knowingly adhering to just another fashion trend? Well now there’s a term attached to it- yes. And this unsuspecting laid-back look has a hold on me. Although it’s a very basic trend, I relish in it. I love looking simple and clean. I love feeling right now, and love how easy it is.

My easy and affordable normcore go-to’s:

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If you’re brave: Wear with socks


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