Wax on [wax off] denim

Every year we see more and more denim options at our disposal. A few stand-out styles for this year include ankle grazers, boyfriend, distressed and torn. My go-to, however, is still waxed denim. I think I may be addicted to it…  The wet look adds a little something special, making them perfect for a night out with heels, or with flats to the office.


I recently picked up a pair from H&M for only $19.95 full price. I pretty much live in them. They’re what I call “faux-jeans”- pull up jeans with no zipper, studs or pockets. I’m not normally a fan of this style, but they are just so pretty and easy to wear, I don’t care!

Pick these up in-store now. The below will be my next waxed denim purchase. Same as the pair I already adore + normal jeans fastenings and ankle zips.

H&M Skinny Low Ankle Jeans $39.95 // Shop this now


Did you know that when your jeans loose their waxed lustre you can DYI the life back into them? Simply buy heavy duty fabric wax from your local art supplies store, run the wax all over your clean jeans in long strokes (you’ll know when enough’s enough), leave to set for a day and voila! Freshly waxed denim! This also works for non-waxed jeans.