8 shopping tips ‘n’ tricks to help your bank balance

isla I love shopping, but hate the cost attached to it. Here are my 8 shopping tips ‘n’ tricks to find a one-off and to avoid the high price tag!

1. Don’t be afraid to rummage! Most stores have sale sections- utilise them! Stores want their sale stock sold, so don’t be embarrassed spending your time in the sale section. You never know what you’ll find!

2. Never overestimate other peoples taste: What one person may deem as old stock, you might see as an emerging trend or vice versa. I’ve found amazing items in the sale section purely because the brands can’t see the item from another point of view.

3. Don’t be turned off by a brands reputation: Check out Kmart, Supre, Valleygirl etc. These brands have super fast turn around times for clothes, meaning chances are you’ll find similar clothes to that at higher end stores, but for a fraction of the price. You might have to dive head first into racks, but I always find a diamond in the rough!

4. Follow brands on their social media: Brands always have sales and what’s their first line of communication? Social media. Follow your fave brands on Facebook and Instagram to ensure you know about flash sales/discounted items straight away. That amazing but oh so expensive dress you’ve been lusting after may have just come into your price range!

5. Look in the mens section: An under valued area for all women- think comfy tees and jumpers, t-shirts as dresses, shirts for everyday wear etc. Start thinking outside the box!

6. Online sale sections: Every brands website has a sale section. Use this resource! Massive discounts, beautiful brands- start searching now!

7. Coupon codes: When buying online, search for a valid discount code. You’d be surprised how much you can save from a simple 2 minute Google search. Enter the code when purchasing and -BOOM- discount town!

8. Sort online: When searching online sort clothes from least expensive to most, this way you can find all the gems quickly and stop searching when you’ve hit your budget.

Start searching to see what you can find! xx