Winter Days: 5 easy pieces to refresh your wardrobe


Winter is here. It’s time to pull out your winter clothes from the back of the wardrobe and start layering! Get excited for the colder weather by adding some keys pieces to update last years looks. Here are my 5 easy go to pieces:

1. The old school Skivvy- Winterise your summer dresses by adding a warm skivvy

Target charcoal skivvy $30 // Shop the look

skivvy Skivvy2

2. The ever stylish fedora- makes any outfit

Supre fedora $20 // Shop the look

fedora    hat2

 3. The statement jumper-  comfortable, warm and oh so chic

ASOS graphic print jumper $44 // Shop the look

jumper1   jumper3

4. The trusty knit- ol’ faithful that pairs with everything

ASOS Knit $29 // Shop the look

knit1 knit2

 5. The ankle biter jeans- an elegant sliver of skin

Cotton On Moto-X jean $49.95 // Shop the look

ankle1  ankle2